Does the program follow ECDA curriculum?

Yes. Our program covers the 6 main components of pre school curriculum ie Aesthetics and Creative Expression; Discovery of the World; Language and Literacy; Motor Skills Development; Numeracy and Social and Emotional Development.

Are the teachers qualified/trained?

Yes. All Early Childhood teachers are trained and we follow the guidelines to ensure a good standard for our school.

Will there be snacks for my child?

No. Parents have to pack snacks for their children to bring to school.

Are all staff trained in CPR and first aid?


How do I enroll my child?

You may pick up an application in person or download the form from our website.

When and where should I register my child for Kindergarten?

Registration is ongoing and based on first come first served basis.

If my child is born on 1 January 2019, do I have to wait another school year to register him/her for Kindergarten?

You may choose to let child join children born in 2018 or children born in 2019.

Must my child be toilet trained (Pre-Nursery parent)?

No, not necessary. But, we would encourage you to train him/her before the new academic year. However, if your child is not ready, our teachers will be there to ensure that your child is being taken care of during toilet time.

How often do the teachers meet the parents?

Parent teacher meet is held twice a year in May and November. The teachers share the child’s developmental progress with the parents and also ideas to support the learning needs of the child.

Do you accept special needs children?

We will assess the child first before enrolling the child into the programme. Some special needs children require 1:1 teacher pupil ratio which is not available in our kindergarten.

Do you have mosquitoes in your compound?

Being an open compound, it is inevitable that mosquitoes may be found. However, we fog the surrounding frequently. For children who are prone to mosquitoes, we advise parents to allow the child to wear a mosquito patch or to apply insect repellent on the hands and legs.